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Vibration feeders

Przesiewacze wibracyjne Przesiewacze wibracyjne
Przesiewacze wibracyjne

Our company offers a series of feeders that enable to classify aggregate and other materials for coarse, medium and small grain size. The feeders are equipped with sets of screens covering different kinds of screens. They can be used for wet and dry classification. Our range of production covers vibration feeders with single-sieve as well as with multi-sieves sets.

Single-sieve feeders can separate the material into two fractions. Sometimes is being used as a separating filter just in front of  packing machine or other devices (controlling feeder).

Multi-sieves feeders are applied to separate bulk and granular materials on any fractions depending on number of sieves used.

Depending on technical features the following types of feeders can be specified as:
- vibration feeders, circular and linear that are intended to classify aggregate and other bulk materials,
- dewatering feeders that are adapted to dewater small size fractions materials,
- grate feeders that are adapted to screen out thicker fractions of various raw materials,
- for desludging.